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Living in Key Biscayne, Florida

Key Biscayne is an idyllic barrier island in Miami-Dade County, renowned for its scenic beauty and high quality of life. Here's a comprehensive guide for those considering a move to this tropical paradise.
Key Biscayne Access

Location and Access

Key Biscayne is nestled between two state parks, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Biscayne Bay to the west. It is connected to the mainland by the Rickenbacker Causeway, making the bustling centers of Brickell and Downtown Miami just a short drive away​​.
Key Biscayne Aerial Photo


Despite its proximity to Miami, Key Biscayne offers a tranquil atmosphere. With an area of just 1.7 square miles, the island is very walkable and bike-friendly. A unique aspect of transportation is the prevalent use of golf carts by locals for running errands or heading to the beach​​. However, traffic can intensify on weekends and during special events​​.
MAST Academy in Key Biscayne

Education and Schools

Key Biscayne boasts high-performing public schools, with MAST Academy and Key Biscayne K-8 Center being the most notable for their academic excellence. The public schools here have an average math proficiency score of 79% and reading proficiency score of 83%, significantly higher than the state averages​​.
Key Biscayne Safety

Security and Quality of Life

The National Council for Safety and Home Security ranks Key Biscayne as the second safest city in Florida. The small community size contributes to a strong sense of safety and quality of life, where residents care deeply about each other and their environment​​​​. With only 15.5 incidents per 100,000 residents, compared to the national average of 282.7, Key Biscayne is a bastion of tranquility.
Cape Florida Lighthouse in Key Biscayne

Points of Interest and Leisure

Key Biscayne is home to several attractions, including:
Crandon Park Marina in Key Biscayne

Water Sports and Recreation

Residents enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, taking advantage of the year-round climate suitable for snorkeling, paddle-boarding, fishing, and boating. Several public marinas cater to the nautical lifestyle​​.
Crandon Park Golf Course


For golf enthusiasts, Key Biscayne boasts an outstanding 18-hole championship golf course at Crandon Park. The course, designed by renowned golf course architect Robert Von Hagge, is surrounded by stunning views of Biscayne Bay, making every round of golf an unforgettable experience. Practice your swing, enjoy a friendly game with friends, or participate in local tournaments in this golfer's paradise.
Crandon Park Tennis Center


Key Biscayne is also known for its world-class tennis facilities. The Crandon Park Tennis Center, home to the Miami Open, features 26 courts, including a stadium court. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to sharpen your skills or a beginner eager to learn, you'll find top-notch coaching and a vibrant tennis community here.
Key Biscayne Demographics


Key Biscayne has a diverse population, with a significant number of residents coming from various parts of the world, contributing to the area's rich cultural tapestry​​. The demographic profile shows a well-distributed age range and significant affluence, with income levels substantially higher than the national average, underlining the prosperity of the community. As of 2021, 57% of Key Biscayne, FL residents (8.29k people) were born outside of the United States.
Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne

Local Amenities and Lifestyle

The island supports a self-sufficient lifestyle, with Crandon Boulevard being the central hub for shopping and dining. Residents have access to supermarkets, pharmacies, gourmet markets, and chic boutiques. Dining options vary from casual to fine dining, featuring a wide range of cuisines​​.
Waterfront Homes in Key BIscayne

Luxurious Waterfront Properties

Imagine waking up to the sound of gentle waves and enjoying your morning coffee with a view of Biscayne Bay. Key Biscayne's waterfront properties offer this and more. These homes often come with private docks, making it easy to explore the surrounding waters by boat or simply relax by the sea. The Key Biscayne real estate market is renowned for its upscale properties, attracting those who desire an elegant coastal lifestyle. Find your waterfront home in Key Biscayne here.
Waterfront Condos in Key BIscayne

Condos with Spectacular Views

Key Biscayne's skyline is punctuated by impressive condominium complexes, each offering a unique living experience. Many condos feature spacious balconies where you can soak in the panoramic views of the ocean and the Miami skyline. The island's condos often provide exceptional amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and 24/7 security, ensuring a comfortable and secure lifestyle. Find your waterfront condo in Key Biscayne here.

Key Biscayne Real Estate Market

Known for its exclusivity and low crime rates, Key Biscayne is a sought-after real estate market with various appealing factors with a mix of opportunities for both buyers and sellers.
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