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Welcome to Key Biscayne, FLorida

Key Biscayne is just a short, beautiful journey down the Rickenbacker Sidewalk from Miami. From sunny beaches to the Ritz-Carlton resort, Key Biscayne offers all the allure of South Florida on a tiny sliver of land.
Key Biscayne has terrific beaches and the added appeal of being sandwiched between two major parks – Crandon Park to the north and Billl Baggs Cape Florida State Park to the south. Key Biscayne also offers a nearby coastal barrier reef and the only federally recognized underwater archaeological trail in the United States.
In Key Biscayne you will easily see that there are a few degrees above the quality of life in other nearby communities. The commute to work from here takes less than half an hour, the unemployment rate is in single digits and even the number of jobs in this area should show an upward trend in the coming years.
Cost of Living
Key Biscayne is a safe place for children, has some good schools for them, excellent facilities for children and a generally welcoming feel that is great for families. It also has many amenities that families, as a whole, can enjoy.

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